Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding is came to my attention a few years ago now, but she is one of those artists who delights me anew every time I return to her music. Her voice is pure and beautiful, and if you watch any of her videos, she’s sassy.

Ellie spreads her talent across multiple genres, from the classic dance number I Need Your Love to the cross-over Lights to the poppy and filmic Love Me Like You Do with Calvin Harris.

Throughout all of these tracks I have collected, you can hear the breathy vocals that are trademark Ellie, but the singularly most captivating track I have heard from her takes last place on the playlist below, How Long Will I Love You. It’s one of those tracks that deserves to have nothing follow it. If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, I highly recommend you check out the video for this song.

Post Author: Allister