Equinoxe Infinity — Jean-Michel Jarre

Jean-Michel Jarre is my absolute favourite artist so Equinoxe Infinity was a must-buy album, but does it measure up to the quality that a regular Jarre fan would expect? I say it does.

After giving his first successful studio album, Oxygene, not one but two sequels, Jarre returns to his early works with this sequel to his follow-up album, Equinoxe. But what is a sequel that comes forty years later?

The answer is a blend of old and new. While there are still some very clear references back to the sounds of the original, Equinoxe Infinity is a lot more in keeping with Jarre‘s more recent works. This is borne out by the equipment list which stretches to 34 items compared to the original’s 16 — although many of the same instruments are present.

As with many of Jarre‘s “themed” albums, the sound rather defies description, other than as I have already mentioned — modern versions of an old theme. Jarre aficionados should definitely give it a listen, but the curious may be rewarded, too.

Post Author: Allister