In one of my weekly New Music playlists on Apple Music, I came across the track Without Me by Halsey. I enjoyed it a lot and it began a process that happens with me — I become aware of an artist with the thought “I should probably check out some more of their work” and then as time passes, they cross my radar more times until I finally act. In this case, it was the track Him & I that appeared on another playlist.

Finally, I searched Apple Music and chose the Halsey Essentials playlist. I’ve played that whole list half a dozen times now! I’ve read that she sings with a different accent than she normally talks, but I find this an odd statement given many people sing without an accent naturally. In any case, the lilt in Halsey’s voice has me hooked.

Below I have grabbed a sample of five of my favourite tracks for your listening pleasure.

Post Author: Allister