Magnetic — Miriam Clancy

Bill Hester has a position at the top of my list of Patrons on this site. We used to work together, many years ago, but have stayed in touch and often talk a little about the music we like. It was Bill who introduced me to the music of Miriam Clancy (and later to Miriam herself).

I’ve just heard the news that Miriam has another album coming out in July 2019. What better time to remind myself of the sheer joy to be had from her second album — released nine and a half years ago (wow!) — Magnetic.

Every time I revisit this album I am reminded of the extraordinary vocal talents Miriam possesses. She’s also a very good songwriter and on this album she showed some serious chops with studio production.

I am definitely a studio-tech fiend and working with Andre just brought out the worst in me. It was just total geeksville. I was like a kid in a lolly shop. It was tragic.

Miriam Clancy

That quote comes from a New Zealand Herald piece on the launch of the album back in 2009. It’s worth a read, almost 10 years later, to get a sense of this lady. Who knows what will come with album three, given the huge difference between one and two, but I, for one, will be waiting with bated breath.

Meanwhile, treat yourself to Magnetic.

Post Author: Allister