Vivaldi: The Four Seasons — Janine Jansen

Mark Greentree is listed on this site as a Patron. He is the prolific writer (and music fan) behind the Subjective Sounds review blog. I’ve guest written a few reviews for Mark (and promised a lot more than I have delivered so far!) and always keep an eye on what he’s listening to, both via the blog and through our connection on Apple Music. I have to say I don’t check out most of what he reviews or listens to because there is just so much!

But from time to time, I’ll use one of Mark’s posts or Apple Music entries as an excuse to go exploring. My latest exploration was prompted by this review on Subjective Sounds. Here’s the the opening line that made me sit up and take notice.

Janine Jansen is nothing short of a musical virtuoso. Yes, Vivaldi’s music is stunning, but Jansen’s interpretation is exquisite and while I have a few recordings of The Four Seasons, in my collection, none are quite as compelling as this stripped down version.

Mark Greentree — Subjective Sounds

I suspect just about everyone has heard some version of The Four Seasons, whether they know it or not. Heck, less than twenty seconds into the first movement (Spring) I find it very difficult not to sing along… “So come to the Music Manor, if you are a music fan, or…” from an old television advertisement whose refrain is obviously stuck fast in my memory. But I took Mark at his word that this was worth listening to. He is not wrong.

I don’t think I’ve ever really appreciated the full work before, including the “less famous” bits. I listened using my new Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones and found myself captivated by the myriad of sounds coursing through this work — enough to create a fabulous whole, without too many to drown out the details.

I’ll stop running off at the mouth (keyboard?) now… have a listen… I wager you’ll thank me… and Mark.

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