About the Music

The whole point of this web site is the embedded music, so I thought — for those who come looking — I should explain my approach.

I am firmly ensconced in the Apple camp. I use Macs, iPads, and iPhones, and I am an Apple Music subscriber — my music listening happens mostly in Apple Music. For this reason, whenever I link to artists, tracks, albums, or playlists in the text, these will be Apple Music links (with my affiliate code).

However, because I recognise that Spotify is not only a much larger concern but has also been around a lot longer than Apple Music, I believe it is worth offering a Spotify version of the same music where possible.

To summarise — I will discover, enjoy, consume, and share on this site my favourite music from Apple Music, but I will also endeavour to ensure all of the same music is playable from Spotify. Where it is not possible, or differs in some way, I will say so in the text.

However, with either music service you will need to log in to your own account to hear full tracks. You can still use a Spotify free account, but you must log in to get full tracks — in fact, the embedded spotify player will only play excerpts and will launch you into the Spotify app for the full experience. Apple Music subscribers can enjoy the full music and even add the music to your library right in the web browser.

To log in, click at the top right of the embedded player of either service. The experiences differ between the two, but that is left as an exercise to the reader/listener.

PLEASE NOTE: In early testing of this site, I found the Spotify embedded player to sometimes fail to load. As far as I am aware this is beyond my control.