About This Site

Sitting Duck PodcastIn 2018 I finally retired the Sitting Duck Podcast web site after 12 years. The podcast really only lasted for four years from its debut in August 2006. In more recent years it came in short bursts that never lasted. I kept telling myself I would get back into the groove, but it didn’t happen.

I realised two things: First, I was still paying for a music license that I was getting zero value out of, and second, a big part of not getting back into the groove was that the music and podcasting landscapes have both changed a lot since 2006. I shuttered the Sitting Duck Podcast site mostly so I could suspend the music license, but it also drew a line under the fact I was unlikely, now, ever to revive it.

It was only in early 2019 that I realised there was another way to share my passion for the music I love. While podcasts are still a viable vehicle, the music scene has moved inexorably to streaming — I am an Apple Music subscriber myself. What if, I thought, I could share my music choices via the streaming world?

While I can create and share playlists on Apple Music or Spotify (I have a free account there), there’s no ‘editorial’ opportunity as there was with the podcast, nor really any way to engage other music lovers with the journey of discovery. It’s a kind of disconnected social network.

Then the idea for this web site came to me. I knew that Apple Music content could now be embedded on web sites and a quick check showed Spotify content could, too. I think it will work well — non-subscribers will only get 30 second clips of songs, which is better than nothing, but subscribers of either Apple Music or Spotify (a huge audience between them) can log in and experience the full songs, and even like and add them to their own libraries.

Thus was born AJ Music Club. I hope you enjoy it.

Background Photo by Edward Cisneros on Unsplash.